VDL Translift features

Total solution

VDL Translift‘s logistics systems offer an integrated solution to your collection or transport problem. Whether for collecting household waste or industrial waste, mini-bins, bags or underground and aboveground storage systems, we always have a solution for collecting and compacting the waste flows (either automatically or otherwise). You can opt for a phased introduction of the system so that your business is prepared for future market developments and circumstances.

Modular configuration

The product development of VDL Translift systems is typified by modular body. The most important components that constitute the product are standardised. The use of tried-and-tested standard modules means that the body can be configured to the customer’s requirements. This flexible, modular configuration is used both in development and in the production and assembly processes, enabling VDL Translift to respond rapidly and appropriately to customer and market requirements.

Screw compactor

VDL Translift, with over 30 years of experience, is a specialist in the manufacture of screw compactors, comprising a hopper with tho counter-rotating screws. The screw compactor is suitable for a wide range of waste fractions such as paper, plastic, organic waste and residual waste. Distinguishing characteristics of this unique compactor unit include:

- Continuous high compacting force
- Rapid waste transport

- Optimum compaction

- High fill rate

- Minimal risk of waste spillage 

- Clean disconnection of container unit from compactor