VDL Translift

VDL Translift, a company specialising in innovative side loader systems, has more than half a century’s experience as a manufacturer of waste collection vehicles. Our facility in Dronten is where all stages of the product creation and sales processes take place, from development and engineering to production, assembly, marketing, sales and aftersales.

VDL Translift has an extensive range of side loader solutions, making waste collection hugely efficient and improving productivity. In 1966 VDL Translift launched the first vehicles to have a demounting system. Waste collection is automated by means of our innovative side loader systems, resulting in greatly improved working conditions and greater safety. In addition, a special chain system and an IES container can be used to separate the collection and transportation of compacted waste. Over the years our IES collection system has evolved into the international standard on the waste collection and transport market.

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