Underground bin system | UGC

Underground bin for collection with sideloader.

  • Collection with E-Maxx or Maxxum sideloader; 
  • Inner bin is brought to street level using controls in the vehicle cabin; 
  • Inner bin with a capacity of  3 m​3​ of 4,5 m​3​. 

The UGC - Underground container system offers an efficient and safe collection technique for underground containers of 2600 ~ 4500 liters (UGC) and aboveground containers 800 (DIN) ~ 3200 liters (RST) by using a sideloader.

The underground bins are lifted from the buried concrete cocoon by means of an (electro-hydraulic driven) scissor lift. The emptying of these containers is executed in the same way as the aboveground containers; from the cabin by means of a joystick and camera system.

Standard entry columns are available for these underground containers. However, the entry columns are no integral part of the lifting system. Because of this there are hardly any limitations in design and construction and the entry columns can be customized.

It is also possible to provide the inner bins with a double diamond lifter so that in DU areas the containers can be emptied with a regular collection vehicle. In this way an optimal routing can be achieved, also because there is no additional truck necessary to empty the underground containers.